Space Station Design Workshop

SSDW Organization Team

"The key to success in any organization is identifying, developing, and empowering the right people."

- Craig Groeschel

Introducing this year’s organizers and helpers:

Gisela Detrell

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Detrell


Professor for Human Spaceflight Technology at the Technical University of Munich

“I am eager to contribute to make human spaceflight exploration possible, because space exploration allows us to understand the world we live in and to go beyond what seems possible.”

Thumbnail Astronaut

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claas Olthoff


Professor of Human Space Flight and Exploration at the Insitute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart.

When I was 5 years old I was lucky enough to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with my dad. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be involved in human spaceflight. Working with like-minded, driven and enthusiastic people on keeping humans alive in space is the best job on Earth (and in space)!

Thumbnail Astronaut

M.Sc. Tharshan Maheswaran


Research Assistant and Ph.D. Student at the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart.

“Curiosity and ambitions have led mankind to create many Earth monuments. Now, we are entering an era focused on sustainable space exploration and colonization of celestial bodies. My fascination for space exploration stems from developing technologies that create a foundation for becoming a multiplanetary species.”

Lina Salman

M.Sc. Lina Salman


Research assistant and Ph.D. Student at the Chair of Human Spaceflight Technology at the Technical University of Munich

Exploring is part of our nature, we are drawn to the unknown, to expand, to understand and to improve the lives we are living. Space is the next step for human exploration. Keeping astronauts alive when travelling to space and other celestial bodies is what I hope to contribute to.

Thumbnail of Iglika Genova

Iglika Plamenova Genova

SSDW Team – Local Guides & Communication

Aerospace Bachelor Student at the Technical University of Munich

Astronomy and biology have always been deep passions of mine. My fascination with space and life led me to pursue aerospace engineering, with the hope of one day contributing  to our understanding of the universe and the exploration its beauty.

Thumbnail of Mohammadreza Ashkezari

B.Sc. Mohammadreza Saber Ashkezari

SSDW Team – Team Building & Communication

Computational Mechanics Masters Student at the Technical University of Munich, Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering

I am captivated by the vastness of space and the boundless opportunities it offers for discovery and innovation. Assisting with the Space Station Design Workshop allows me to contribute to the cutting-edge field of space exploration, where each advancement brings us closer to unraveling the mysteries of the universe and enhancing life on Earth.

Thumbnail of Luisa Metten

Luisa Metten

SSDW Team – Merchandise

Aerospace Bachelor student at the Technical University of Munich

Working in space always means working with like-minded people that share the same fascination and wonder for what is out there. The excitement to solve complex problems and discover new perspectives is what has led me into this field.

Thumbnail of Zeyu Zhu

Zeyu Zhu

SSDW Team – 3D Printing Expert

Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Student, Student Assistant at HSP, Project Management at MOVE

As I grew up, so did my country’s human space program. As a kid, I would wait impatiently in front of the TV for the launches. Now, I’m super excited to work towards being a part of it.

Thumbnail of Felix Kiefhaber

Felix Kiefhaber

SSDW Team – 3D Printing Expert

Computer Science Bachelor Student at TUM, Structure Teamlead at MOVE

From building LEGO as a child to programming and building satellites now, I always had fun creating systems and seeing them perform in action. Working on programs such as SSDW, which bring the fascination of space and spaceflight to more people, is something I’m looking forward to.

Thumbnail of Dragos Andrei Bucataru

B.Sc. Dragos Andrei Bucataru

SSDW Team – General Support

Management and Technology Masters Student at the Technical University of Munich

Ever since childhood, I have been captivated by technology, and this fascination has evolved into a passion for innovation and societal advancement. Joining SSDW provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to problem-solving and pushing the boundaries of human advancements.

Thumbnail of Carolin Diel

Carolin Diel

SSDW Team – Local Guide

Human Spaceflight Technology (HSP) Team Assistant at the Technical University of Munich

“I am delighted to be part of the SSDW. I find it exciting to see how new space travel paths are taken with fascination and courage. I am happy to organize everything around the workshop and as a good soul I make sure that the event is (hopefully) perfect!”

Thumbnail of Radu Braga

B.Sc. Radu Braga

SSDW Team - Work Package Preparation

Aerospace Engineering Masters Student in Stuttgart, Student Assistant at the Institute of Space Systems & Member of the Student Council.

“What fascinates me most about space travel are the initially unimaginable dimensions and the complex problems that have to be solved. The required high-tech solutions make space technology a pioneer in many fields.”

Thumbnail of Florian Kiko

Florian Kiko

SSDW Team – Work Package & Recipe Manager

Aerospace Engineering Bachelor Student in Stuttgart, Student at the Institute of Space Systems & Member of HyEnD e.V.

“The simple dream of flying drifting with the stars got me into aerospace engineering and space travel. The Cosmos offers limitless possibilities for humankind, including challenges to master. Making it accessible and striving for the technological excellence has always captivated me.”

Phillip Wolff

B.Sc. Phillip Wolff

SSDW Team – PR & Media

Aerospace Engineering Masters Student in Stuttgart with a Focus on Robotics, Space Stations and Planetary Exploration. Active Member of KSat e.V.

“The idea of exploring the vast expanse of space fills me with immense excitement, as the mysteries of black holes and deep-space phenomena continually captivate my imagination. The limitless possibilities inspire a profound sense of curiosity in me.”