Space Station Design Workshop

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SSDW Application

Your Road to the SSDW


First Step

Gather information

Look through our website to find out, what SSDW offers, what kind of requirements must be met and how you can participate!
Be sure to also check our social media accounts for newest updates!


During the application phase (April 15th - May 21st)


If you want to participate in our workshop you can apply with our application form on this website as soon as applications are open. We will inform you on the outcome of your application when our selection process has finished.


After being accepted


Congratulations! You have been accepted to participate in this years SSDW! With your acception mail you will receive more detailed information on what to expect from this years workshop and what your position in your team will be. Before the workshop starts you will also receive information files and papers to prepare you for the workshop week. Be sure to study this material thoroughly, to be best prepared for the work ahead.


August 24th to August 30th

SSDW 2024

We’re finally there! Our workshop is starting!

Applications for the SSDW 2024 are closed.




Feel free to write an e-mail to

SSDW Poster 2024 Extended Deadline