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What is the SSDW?

The Space Station Design Workshop (SSDW) is a free-of-charge (thanks to our sponsors and supporters) one-week teaching & working seminar. The participants learn and practice Systems Engineering and the concept design of manned space systems in competitive teams.

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24th August – 30th August 2024

Workshop starts in









Technical University of Munich

Campus Ottobrunn



For students and young professionals from all disciplines and all nationalities!

What you need:

English language skills

Interest in human spaceflight

Ability to work and communicate in an international multidisciplinary team

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gain Experience.

Comments from past participants

Julia Zink

The SSDW was an incomparable experience. It was a challenging week with a steep learning curve. Not only did we manage to design a venus mission in a concurrent working environment within a week (!) we also had lots of fun with fellow participants.

Cost & Risk Analysis – Team Blue 2019

Rafael Y. Rivera Vargas

The SSDW is surely an intense yet enriching learning experience and challenge to overcome. Working with an international multidisciplinary team has allowed me to make connections within the aerospace industry I never thought I would!

Team Blue 2021

Marlin Kanzow

The dynamic interaction, team spirit, fast pace and cooperation is an experience that in incomparable to any other university workshop I have experienced so far. It truly is a hackathon for space stations that can give you an in depth insight into space mission design in such a short time.

Thermal Control System – Team Red 2019

Merve Karakas

With the SSDW, I had the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary and internal team designing the structural concept of the A.M.O.R.E. lunar space station. The satisfying experience of developing the outer structure, selecting the materials, and planning the assembly process for the different modules has improved my engineering skills and broadened my horizons.

Team Blue 2021

Efstratios Rigas

The SSDW truly simulated the environment of a collaborative international space mission. It was a unique experience, where people from all over the world came together to combine their knowledge and passion towards the design of a revolutionary Venus mission. It was an eye-opening eyperience for me, where I learned much and developed myself as an engineer.

Project Management – Team Red 2019

Javier Palacios

The SSDW is a great opportunity to get in touch with the development of a space project. The team-oriented challenge with students of all kind of backgrounds with passion for the space technologies is enhanced by the interaction with the experts and the short development time, forcing them to do their best to meet the challenge. If you could aply, do not hesitate to do so.

Mission Analysis – Team Red 2021

Pablo Alejandro Pinilla

The SSDW was one of those milestones that marks you for life. The international environment, the experts and the mood all add up into a perfect combination of talent, innovation and passion for space. I, for sure, recommend everyone to apply for this great workshop because it enables to enhace your soft and time-managing skills and it helps you to get into a strong network of space professionals.

Mission Analysis – Team Blue 2019

Prishit Modi

Want to measure the peak of your diligence? SSDW is the place. It requires you to put in your best effort, but only to come out of it wanting even more. It’s dynamic organisation and a very steep learning curve benefits the students a great deal. SSDW is also an ideal event to learn and build contacts within the industry. I would do it all over again, no questions asked! It has an inspirational work culture and in no time, your team is like a family – you live the experience together.

Robotics – Team Red 2021

Adelina Khalaua

The SSDW and it’s organisers managed to fulfill one of my childhood dreams and opened the whole new and wonderful world of science I had never been a part of before. This workshop helped me to reveal my hidden talents and apply them into practice, having become the life experience I will never forget.

Journalism – Team Blue 2019

Nadine Barth

The SSDW is a great opportunity to apply the knowledge gained at the university. I have heard many space related topics at the university, but only in theory. You can only learn the real engineering processes during workshops like the SSDW. You will learn so much during this course, both technical parts from the SSDW experts as well as personal things about yourself, like how you act under pressure and to push your limits. I would recommend any student interested in space to participate in the SSDW.

Propulsion & Transport – Team Red 2021

One mission. your vision.

Impressions from Past Workshops

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SSDW students
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Past Space Station Designs
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SSDW Poster 2024 Extended Deadline